Chemistry Past Paper Session


Course Description

This intensive course is designed to prepare students for the Chemistry papers of the O Levels and IGCSE examinations. Focused primarily on past paper practice, this course aims to enhance students’ understanding of key concepts, refine problem-solving skills, and familiarize them with the exam format and question types.

Throughout the sessions, students will engage in rigorous practice sessions, solving past paper questions from various exam boards, including Cambridge (CIE). Emphasis will be placed on addressing common pitfalls, mastering exam techniques, and developing strategies to approach different question styles effectively.

The course content will help revise all essential topics included in the O Levels and IGCSE Chemistry syllabi, ensuring comprehensive coverage of:

  1. States of Matter
  2. Atomic Structure and Bonding
  3. Chemical Reactions and Equations
  4. Moles & Stoichiometry
  5. Acids, Bases, and Salts
  6. The Periodic Table
  7. Chemical Energetics
  8. Metals
  9. Chemical equilibrium
  10. Electrochemistry
  11. Organic Chemistry
  12. Environmental Chemistry

Instructors will provide detailed explanations for each question, highlighting important concepts and providing useful tips to maximize marks. Additionally, it will enable them to identify it is for their improvement and tailor their capabilities

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the confidence and skills needed to tackle the Chemistry papers with proficiency, ultimately aiming to achieve their desired grades in the O Levels and IGCSE examinations.